Friday, 30 April 2010

Thursday 29th April, Barnsley Hospice presents a Fashion show with a difference.

Collections from eight retail Outlets, designs created by Barnsley College Fashion Students, shows from Moo Designs and Olivia Bridal Studio.

We entered the big new building known as 'The Civic' out of the pouring rain, hands full with garments ready to go down the catwalk, Make-up, Hair crimpers and all that was needed. We climbed the stairs to the third floor following the directions that lead to the female fashion students dressing room. We heard it was going to be a suitably large room as we suspected it would be having to get 27 models in there. We reached the door to find half the models tightly squeezed on the floor. The other half approached after us to pull the same shocked expression as us. In we went to find a gap on the floor.

The room was already starting to get very warm. Around the room was two small sized mirrors, an iron and board, a clothes rack holding our garments and a kettle for tea and coffee. I headed to the dark room at the end of the corridor to watch the rehearsals. All was going exceptionally well, Stalls were being put up, models were getting ready and people were arriving.

The changing room was some what more of a hair salon waiting area, one of the male fashion students from next door came over to do each of the girls hair. Even i got a free hair-do myself as i was beginning to feel left out. The garments were on, made from 'Rags to Riches', each looked beautiful. My garment suited my model perfectly which was inspired from the Town Hall building just around the corner.

I stood at the side of the catwalk, camera in hand ready for it to begin. The staircase seats were full, the lights dimmed and the smoke hid the stage. The music came on and i knew that was the cue for the models to walk down the staircase. The reception they received was fantastic, i was very pleased. Not only did the models have to pose in their garment but dance on stage in them too. Luckily the male model/hairdresser was a professional dancer as well. The models parted as he shocked the audience with his break dancing! Was a fantastic evening xx

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  1. A beautiful piece of writing.
    Made me feel like i was there :)
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    Your dress is so pretty and elegant.
    Keep up the splendid work.
    I Love it.